north carolina winter

Snow flutters, icicles hang, people shiver and the radio overflows with Christmas tunes. The holidays have arrived, and we’re all looking forward to a much-needed chance to reunite with family, catch up, sip some eggnog and have a great, relaxing holiday vacation.

For those of us on the prowl for a perfect place to come together with loved ones, the holidays can sometimes send us spiraling into stress. But finding a premiere location for your tribe’s holiday reunion doesn’t have to be an exercise in rising blood pressure; in fact, fun is a guarantee for any clan of adventurers willing to make great memories exploring the captivating winterscape of the Old North State this holiday.

As a North Carolina native, I’m proud to live in one of the truly gorgeous regions this country has to offer. If you’re a frequent visitor to my site, you might already know of the many outdoor wonders that wind, trickle and soar around North Carolina’s every corner. What you may not know is that seasonal shifts here result in a unique and unforgettable winter experience, and an excellent itinerary can be a tricky thing for those not intimate with everything the area has in store. To help, I’ve put together this list of exhilarating activities and must-see spots hidden in the wintry North Carolina countryside.

  1. The Outer Banks – Often overcrowded every other time of the year, the Outer Banks are all but abandoned during winter months, which leaves an ideal space for peaceful relaxation.
  2. Ice Climbing – Looking to feed your adrenaline craving? North Carolina winters are known to bring about some of the greatest conditions for ice climbing in the region. Beginners to the sport can use this site to schedule classes.
  3. Pilot Mountain – Photographers looking to hone their visual chops shouldn’t skip a visit Pilot Mountain, one of North Carolina’s most picturesque sights. Pilot mountain is a great getaway for hikers and non-hikers alike, as it is possible to drive to the summit.
  4. Dry Falls –  Have you ever walked under a frozen solid waterfall? If not, I highly recommend a winter trip to Dry Falls, where rushing water blends seamlessly with nature-sculpted icy masterpieces.
  5. Hawksnest at Seven Devils – If tubing is your thing, Hawksnest is your mecca. You won’t find better slopes to slide down anywhere in the East.  For scheduling and additional info, this is their site.
  6. Crowder’s Mountain – Maybe the cold is catching up with you. If so, you might consider a trip to Crowder’s Mountain. It’s south of Charlotte, so you’ll be spared winter’s worst while roaming one of nature’s greatest trails.

So be adventurous this holiday season, and give your loved ones an unforgettable North Carolina tour!