Jonathan Farber, PhD

Jonathan Farber, Ph.D., is a senior Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Eastowne Therapy Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Upon enrolling in graduate level studies in the philosophy of science and psychoanalysis at just fifteen years old, he knew his passion for psychology from a young age.

But, with time and age, Dr. Farber grew into not only an achieved academic on a professional level, but became a multifaceted man with many other joys in life. First and foremost, Dr. Farber loves spending time with his family. He is the father of four children and has learned more from raising them than any research or academic course could ever teach.  Jonathan Farber Phd’s favorite memories are spending time with his family on summer vacations to his cabin in Canada located next to a lake.  Jonathan Farber Phd loves to get away with his family to a fun and peaceful location like his lake cabin. He believes that it is a great way to bond with his kids and family, and is also a great way to combine his love of nature and hiking with his love of being with his children.

Personal Interests

In fact, Jonathan Farber Phd has always been a fan of spending time outdoors.  He currently lives in North Carolina, home of the Blue Ridge mountains and southern hospitality at its best. From a geographical standpoint, North Carolina has the best of both worlds, it’s a place where one can enjoy both luxuries of mountain and beach living.  Not to mention the weather is almost always ideal.

When he’s not working in both Washington, D.C., or at his Therapy Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Dr. Farber enjoys hiking – he even owns a small portion of the Blue Ridge mountains.  Apart from hiking, Jonathan Farber Phd enjoys spending time at the Outer Banks, a 200-mile long row of narrow barrier islands that cover most of North Carolina’s coast.  The Outer Banks holds a wide range of activities to participate in, especially for those who love the outdoors.  From fishing and sailing on the ocean, to playing golf and enjoying beach life in the sand, Dr. Jonathan Farber enjoys taking time off to spend at the Outer Banks with the people he loves.

Jonathan Farber, Ph.D., is proud of his achievements as a Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor, Psychotherapist, and Research Associate. But perhaps just as importantly, he appreciates the life he has in North Carolina and all the beauty that comes with it.